Author: Rusinova Natalie
Size: 50x60 cm
Materials: Oil on canvas on stretcher
The painting is a participant in the International Exhibition
organized by the Swiss gallery HelvetArt (June 2021), category
"Honorable Mentions".
At first, I had the idea to paint a mountain with a snow-covered top
and with reflections of the setting sun on it and a lake stretching
Almost from the very beginning, everything “went wrong”. I painted
clouds -colorful, magical, and multi-colored. However, when I started
to paint a mountain the feeling strange appeared that I was acting
against myself, against my inner train of thought. In fact I want to
express something different.
I realized that I do not want to paint just a mountain landscape. I
want the mountain to become the personification of the inner inspiring
stream that flows in every person. However, I stubbornly resisted this
thought. After all, initially I decided that I would simply write a
mountain with its reflection in the lake (or just a mountain
landscape). With this conviction, I almost finished the picture.
Nevertheless, the picture turned out to be empty and alien to me. The
unspokenness remained in my soul.
Before writing pictures, I always tell myself that I should only
follow my inner impulses, which visit at this very moment that I
should not be constrained by frames. Moreover, having drowned out my
true flows of inspiration in myself, at the exit I received an “empty”
canvas. So what did I do?
I brushed off most of the painting and started over. This time,
following only your inner voice and spiritual impulses. Now when I was
stumped and did not know how to continue, I went out onto the balcony
and looked at the clouds for a long time. The path and further actions
loomed themselves.
Therefore the painting "Inspiration" is primarily about creative
revelation and the power of the inspiring flow. That art is sometimes
created not by sight, but by feelings and faith. This picture also
reflects my creative path, those internal confrontations that I faced
and, in the end, the liberation from conventions and the victory over
them of the inner inspiring force.


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